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Proudly Presenting … phpZoteroWebDAV 2.0 – a php-based zotero WebDAV server and library viewer (incl attachments)

By , 2 November 2011 14:21


Zotero is an awesome piece of reference management software. It’s free (as in free beer as well as in free speech, if you know what I mean) and very cool for many reasons that I won’t get into here.

At some point in 2008, zotero added a “sync” feature to allow people who were using multiple computers to sync their zotero libraries across these computers, including WebDAV-based syncing for attachments (e.g. pdf versions of journal articles or e-books, or snapshots of websites).

Since then they have expanded their offering to sync to their own attachment server, but once the free 100MB storage is exceeded (my own library is currently just shy of 2GB), payment is required (in my case $5 a month). This is not all that bad and if they had offered this back in 2008 I might have considered it, but they didn’t and since I pay about that much for my webhosting anyway I figured there should be a way to use my webhosting account for zotero sync.

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phpZoteroWebDAV 2.0 – Download and Installation

By , 2 November 2011 13:54

Features (! means new in 2.0)

  • sync library attachment to any php enabled webhosting space (including freely available ones) through a php based WebDAV implementation. This means that you attachment data never has to be stored on computers (clients and servers) that you do not control yourself.
  • ! access your zotero library through server API, including sorting, detail view, custom number of items per page etc
  • ! view your synced attachments from any web browser without having to use’s own storage server
  • ! unlike’s own attachment viewing feature, phpZoteroWebDAV allows you to view web snapshots as well Continue reading 'phpZoteroWebDAV 2.0 – Download and Installation'»

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